John Scarola, Artist and Craftsman
Sperm Whale  Sperm Whale Honeymoon  Honeymoon Visitation rights  Visitation Rights
Whitewashed Driftwood Frame  Whitewashed Driftwood Frame Driftwood Mermaid  Driftwood Mermaid Driftwood Tuna  Driftwood Tuna
Driftwood Table  Driftwood Table Demitri  Dimitri Cetacean  Cetacean
Ants  Ants Ottomans  Ottomans Reclaimed Oak Mirror
Shutter Mirrors  Shutter Mirrors Slate and Ebonized Oak Console  Slate and Ebonized Oak Console Arbor at SBNCw  Arbor at Sweetbriar Nature Center
20130503085418-FFw  Driftwood Table 20130503085236-FFw  Driftwood Table 20130301103854-FFw  Fish Skeleton
20130301122135-FFw  Minnow 20130301115434-FFw  Robot Lamp 20130301111040-FFw  Take Me To Your Leader
20130301105434-FFw  Eventual Self Portrait 20130301104620-FFw  Coelacanth Painting 20130301102718-FFw  Coelacanth
20120420101019-5x7bw  Two Schools od Thought Detail at installation 20120420100700-5x7w  Two Schools of Fish Art Installation at Billy Joel park in Cold Spring Harbor 20120131125445-FFaw  Gray Whale
20120131125445-FFw  Gray Whale 20120131125156-FFw  Lamp 20120131124837-FFw  Minnow
20120131123951-FFaw  Heron 20120131123402-FFw  Heron 20111120110116-5x7w  Minnow
20111028094344-5x7w  Minnow 20111007085754-FFw  Cherry Wood Lamps 20111007085452-FFw  Demi Lunes
20110930083827-8x10w  Blue and Silver Minnow 2010-11-09 @13-04-06-FF1Tw  Fish Plaques 2011-03-15 @12-36-40-FFw  Peace Sign
2011-03-15 @12-41-38-FFw  Driftwood Plank Mirror 2010-11-30 @08-52-26-FF2  Sailfish 2010-10-22 @09-08-12-FFw  Sculpin
2010-10-22 @09-03-42-FFw  Fish Plaque 2010-09-19 @09-59-40-13x19w  Primary Reef Cabinet2W  Cabinet
BirchBarkMirror  Birch Bark Mirror Mother and Child Revisited  Mother and Child Revisted Ohm  Om
Driftwood Coffee Table  Driftwood Console Table Bamboo Bookcase  Bamboo Bookcase Stick Man  Stick Man
fish001  Slatted Minnow schoolposter001  Two Schools of Fish Banner at Stony Brook Museum mirror006  Aztec Mirror made from Reclaimed Lumber
trellis  Trellis DSC06853  Stone and Wood Seat DSC06858  Stone and Wood Seats
table005  Rattan Coffee Table table004  Modern rendition of a 19th century Industrial Table mirror005  Mirrors made from 19th century shutters
table003  Coffee Table with free-form top made from old work bench mirror003  Driftwood Plank Mirror mirror004  Aztec Mirror made from reclaimed lumber
mirror002  Old Growth Cedar Mirror schooldetail001w  Two Schools Of Thought Detail school002aw  Two Schools Of Thought
wallmask001  Wall Mask table002  Rattan Table table001  Rattan Table
demilun002  Bamboo and Rattan Demi Lune demilun001  Bamboo and Rattan Demi Lune tennis002  Tennis Racket Chair
robots002  Robot Lamps skeleton008  Fish Skeleton skeleton001  Fish Skeleton
skeleton002  Fish Skeleton skeleton004  Fish Skeleton skeleton005  Fish Skeleton
skeleton006  Fish Skeleton skeleton003  Fish Skeleton skeleton007  Fish Skeleton